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Media “cross talk”

on April 14, 2012

Media is changing rapidly, it is undergoing a transversality across many different industries and fields. Jussi Parikka describes this as a “cross talk” where media creates relation with each other in order to form a new type of media. For example, the media we know as the print age is no longer the norm of journalism. Newspaper, journalism is no longer limited on paper, it is now widely seen through the digital press such as blogs or journalism websites. The frame of journalism is not limited to physical paper anymore, there are various different ways journalism is created and presented. An example is blogs where you use visuals and dialogue to create a journalist article. This is where journalism undergoes a transverse with the digital media to form the new journalism which society uses widely.  Music is also a changing industry, music is no longer limited to concerts. Obtaining a CD or recording music from playing an instrument is no longer necessary. Obtaining, creating and distributing music can be achieved through many different and various ways due to the transversal of media and fields.

The transversally is not only across the media industry but also reaches to other fields such as education or even the army. The army uses computer-simulated environment to create a virtual reality for their soldiers to train (Hsu, 2010). Although within the army this is still undergoing experimentation, it is widely used in the educations system. Currently in Australia, the kindergarten students in majority schools have started to use the ipad for learning purposes (Toboni , 2011). Their first day of school will not be the traditional learning how to use a pencil, but how to use the ipad. Some people even consider the ipad as a good learning tool for autism children (Colgan, 2011). This illustrates that within the future society, there is no longer a need to put data on paper, it’s just needed on the digital press and everyone is able to access it more conveniently. The transversal across fields will create a new society in which the media shall play an important role.

The transversal across such different fields shows the importance of media, it broadens knowledge and views of many. However, has the banning of socializing media in China’s society caused the development of other fields to slow down? Could the lack of transversal across media fields be the result of the Golden Shield Project?


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